Posts to the tribute of Thomas Collins Lewis

John Strayer posted a condolence
Sunday, January 3, 2021
Carmella and Family: I was saddened to hear of Tom’s passing. Having known Tom for 15+ years was truly a blessing and a honor. His knowledge of hunting and fishing were amazing and I’m glad I was able to partake in the outdoors with him and learned some things too. Tom see you again good friend. I looking forward to sharing the field and stream again with you one day. Condolences - John Strayer.
Pat Maloney posted a condolence
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Carmella and kids, let me start by saying that NEVER was there a finer man anywhere on earth. Brilliant, kind, devoted, steady, I could go on and on but I adored Tom (and still adore you, Carmella). I loved our quick lunches that would turn into hours sharing our love of animals and travel, especially sharing our love of Paris and all things French and Parisian. I simply cannot imagine a world without Tom, to be honest, but I will treasure my good fortune to have known him, and treasure my memories forever. My deepest condolences to all of you in this immeasurable loss. He is surely educating all the angels right now.
frank dennis posted a condolence
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Tom Lewis was my father in law. Others knew him simply as husband, father, grandfather ,outdoorsmen, investor, friend advisor on on and on. To me however he was soooo much more. I serendipitously entered the family by falling in love with Tom's daughter Jennifer. Sadly both my biological parents passed when I was just a kid. Specifically, my dad passed when I was only 12 years old. So needless to say I missed having a father figure and all that goes along with that through a significant portion of my life. However I was beyond lucky when I married Jenny to not only gain a wonderful wife but also receive another chance at adding that missing dad vacuum that permeated my younger years. Well let me tell you, I have gained loving family and very importantly a KIND,CONSIDERATE,PATIENT and always available DAD. In time my Dad Lewis grew to really understand me, I can be goofy, eccentric, unusual, free spirited. I always knew he loved my and I'm pretty sure he knew I loved him . He provided me with the sound ,prudent, sage advice i never had growing up, while never forcing me, preaching to me or remotely even making me uncomfortable. What more could a son in law ever ask for. In closing ,Dad, Tom (never could figure out being comfortable in what i called him). Than you from the bottom of my heart for being you. DAD, the dad that i had been missing in my life. Please continue to be with us in spirit and mind. Be our guardian Angel. Most importantly though make time now to enjoy yourself. You have been so selfless. Promise me you will visit that Shangri Law fishing hole daily up there in heaven .Rest in Peace. You may be temporarily gone from our lives, but will never be forgotten here. AMEN Dad .
Steve Oddi posted a condolence
Saturday, December 12, 2020
The first time I met Tom was on a cold winter morning in a duck blind. That was the start of a wonderful friendship lasting 30 years. We traveled from Maine to Virginia and even Canada for hunting and fishing. He taught me much and I like to think I showed him a thing or two. The memories of our times afield will never cease to bring a smile to my lips. But we became more than just fishing buddies. Tom and Carm went on our first cruise with my wife and I. We spent weekends at our beach house and had New Years together. Tom's sudden passing hits me much like losing a brother.The last time we talked Tom said I hope this covid thing is under control by opening of spring trout season. So rest your friend, Steve Oddi
Chris Miller posted a condolence
Saturday, December 12, 2020
Jennifer I met your father once and I remember how impressed I was by his good nature and his sense of fishing. You have obviously gained so much of your own greatness from your father. May your dad’s memory be a blessing to you forever. God bless you and your family, Chris Miller